About Us

Sirius Simulation Technologies (Pty) Ltd was founded in August 2010 to provide specialised dynamic system analysis and design products and services to the wider engineering community. Our innovative team comprises a small group of highly skilled and passionate science, technology and engineering professionals under vastly experienced leadership.  

We have a passion for applying our skills to assist our clients in the development of practical high-technology systems to suit their requirements. We have more than 35 years of experience in the development of algorithms and software for a variety of dynamic systems such as:

  • Guidance, navigation and automatic flight control systems for unmanned aircraft
  • Vehicle motion measurement and GPS-aided inertial navigation systems
  • Electro-mechanical control systems and precision stabilised pointing devices
  • External ballistics and mobile fire control systems for land, sea and air applications
  • Automatic target tracking and motion prediction using a variety of electro-optical and radar sensors
  • Telescope pointing and the tracking of celestial objects in positional astronomy

We develop and use model-based design methods and software tools, and have developed tested libraries of MATLAB toolboxes and Simulink blocksets for aerospace and industrial systems that can be used for rapid prototyping. These tools are highly reconfigurable and may be customised to your specific application. In addition to using these tools for algorithm and software development, we can use them to develop simulations and simulators of varying degrees of complexity, including:

  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulators for integration test benches and operator training
  • Stochastic modelling and discrete event simulation for optimisation of resources

We can provide the full range of system engineering services and perform hardware development (mechanics and electronics) for you in cooperation with partner companies.           

At Sirius, we are committed to the continued training and mentorship of our next generation of engineers and scientists and we proudly support social development and upliftment initiatives. We firmly believe that continued education and training is a prerequisite for a successful future society, and we offer customised training courses in our fields of expertise.