Some of our services and products include:

1. Electro-Mechanical Control Systems. Algorithms and software for the control ofelectro-mechanical systems such as mobile turrets, inertially-stabilized platforms, and precision pointing device.

2. External Ballistic and Fire-Control Systems. Fire-control system algorithms and software for ballistic weapons mounted on moving platforms, such as ships and armored vehicles, to be used against moving targets.

3. Guidance, Navigation, and Automatic Flight Control Systems. Algorithms and software for the guidance, navigation, and automatic flight control of guided missiles, stand-off weapons, and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles.

4. Motion Measurement and Navigation Systems. Algorithms, calibration techniques, and implementation software for air data systems, magnetic sensors, strapdown inertial navigation systems, GPS, and integration Kalman filters.

5. Target Tracking and Prediction. Algorithms and software for the integration of target tracking systems including inertial stabilization systems, target position prediction algorithms, autotracker algorithms, and target tracking algorithms.

6. Digital Signal Processing. Algorithms and software for the measurement of real-life phenomena and the processing of the measured data to obtain system models.

7. Stochastic Modeling and Discrete Event Simulation. Random system and discrete event simulation models that can be used for the optimization of resources.

8. Model-Based Design Tools. The development of dynamic system simulation models and their implementation as MATLAB toolboxes and Simulink blocksets to be used for the analysis, evaluation and design of complex dynamic systems.

9. Training and Mentorship. We firmly believe that continued education and training is a prerequisite for a successful future society, and we offer customized training courses in our fields of expertise.

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